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V-Count People Counter

Datazone Systems distributor of V-Count in Dubai, worlds leading 3D Customer Counter, Retail Analytics, Visitor Counter for retail stores and shopping malls.

V-Count brings e-commerce style analytics to your physical locations. Improve your business efficiency by understanding your visitor activity and receiving automated recommendations. Increase your Sales Conversion Rates by Control all your physical spaces, devices and business growth on a single platform.

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VCount People Counter in Dubai

In response to the newly emerging retail scene, the traditional shopping mall has seen a decline in revenue generation. On this digital age consumers are repeatedly opting to fulfill their shopping needs through online stores, as opposed to an in-person retail experience. But, there is something you can do about it. As buyer behaviours continue to change, shopping mall operators are turning to new technologies to help analyse consumer habits within their walls. Visitor Analytics Technology is a valuable tool that businesses use to provide insight and analytics into their customer's activities.

Total Footfall Measurement

One of the obvious benefits of V-Count people counting technology is gaining information about exactly how many people are coming through your doors. This is a key metric to look at in order to optimize the performance and success of your business. Total daily transaction counts and sales reports give only a mere fraction of the big picture of how well an establishment is performing. Customers do not always make a purchase during a first or even second visit to a business. Having the ability to accurately measure your mall's footfall will shed light on how effective you are functioning as a whole. You can then use this information to push initiatives that better reach your customer base and generate revenue.

Gain Insight into Floors and Areas

With the help of visitor analytics software, mall operators can track which of their marketing efforts draw in the most footfall and measure the ROI of their events and activities. The cost of marketing materials and collateral can be steep, and knowing which measures are effectively driving business to your location is essential for developing and maintaining successful campaigns. By tracking consumer activity within your shopping mall, you can optimize and expand upon the programs that are the most successful, while eliminating efforts with little to no positive results.

Visitor Count in Dubai, UAE

Visitor counting devices help businesses estimate the number of customers that visit their physical stores or offices every day. Heatmap technology shows them how visitors move about in the space; the sections people visit the most, the products they interact with, and the average number of minutes spent in each section. Queue management devices, on the other hand, show them how long every customer spends at the checkout counter. These devices provide raw data but without proper interpretation, the data is basically useless.

The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform interprets the data collected and presents it in the form of easily-understandable reports. This makes it possible for managers to come up with data-backed business and marketing strategies that optimize their service delivery, improve visitor-to-customer conversion, and increase sales.

Retail Mall Long Queue

Prevent Lost Sales Opportunities

How many customers come into your store but leave without making a purchase? What is the prevalent reason for customers abandoning their carts? What measures can you put in place to avoid such an occurrence in the future? The answer to these questions can help businesses reduce lost sales opportunities and improve their conversion rates.

With data from people counting devices in the store, the V-Count Business Intelligence Platform can analyze customer traffic v/s sales completed. This tells the manager how many sales opportunities were lost per hour (or per shift). If, for example, data from the queue management devices show that there were long wait lines during this period, it becomes apparent that customers abandoned their carts because the checkout queue was too long.

The data illustrates that the store was ill-prepared for, and as a result, overwhelmed by heavy visitor traffic. Steps may then be taken to prevent a reoccurrence, e.g., opening new checkout lines and diverting some staff from less busy sectors to checkout duty.

Improve Staff Allocation

Business locations that provide certain services such as banks, telecom service centers, car showrooms, restaurant & bars, etc., need to have a good staff-to-visitor ratio to ensure optimal service delivery. The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform uses historical data from heatmap and people counting devices to provide managers with staff-to-visitor ratio per hour (or per shift).

This shows them their day-to-day staffing status. Also, via computer automated tips, the platform provides managers with information on how many staff/attendants need to be deployed at any particular time to ensure peak performance. As a result, managers can give their staff time away during slow periods and during peak hours, have all hands on deck.

Heatmap Statistics
Sale Conversion

Sales Conversion

Imagine creating a new advert and being able to measure how many new customers visited your stores because of it. Or launching a new marketing initiative and being able to determine the impact that it had on sales and customer conversion. The Marketing Campaign Analyzer provides businesses with a comparison of customer activity in their stores before and after unveiling a new marketing effort.

People counting devices provide the numbers on how many more customers are visiting the store, heatmap data shows how many people are checking out that new product and the Business Intelligence Platform interprets this data and provides an estimate of how much more traffic was gained/how many more sales were made because of the new initiative. Changes in other performance indicators like sales conversion, footfall activity, dwell time, etc. before and after the campaign may also be measured. This makes it possible for businesses to measure the impact of amount spent on marketing, and ineffective campaigns may be scrapped. The information may also be used to fine tune strategies that work, making them even more effective.

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