Biometric time and attendance systems have become popular in the business world today when it comes to tracking employees and their attendance. Biometric systems are easy to use, easy to install and track data regarding employees for management to analyze. The biggest advantage of these systems is that they prevent employees from clocking in for one another. Previous methods included a timeclock, a sign-in sheet and swiping an ID card. These systems create more of an honor system for employees to follow, reducing employee time theft.

Most of these companies combine Access Control, Video surveillance, and Intrusion systems to have a complete solution for protecting their people and their assets. Integration is a complex process whereby different systems are made to communicate and interact with each other to achieve a specific purpose. The benefits of a well-design system will reduce the cost of security issues and other crimes, and increase productivity via video-verified reporting of tardy and non-productive behaviour by employees.

Datazone Systems has been providing professional Matrix Time Attendance Systems for businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain and nearby areas since 2005. we are ideally qualified and experienced to undertake a comprehensive security system assessment on your behalf, to keep your workplace fully documented, compliant and safe. Depending on your requirements, our team of experts can advise you on the best way to protect and monitor your home or business. Every installation is carried out by one of our specialist engineers so you can be assured everything will be completed to the highest standard.

As an esteemed name in Access Controls and Time Attendance, we are offering a precision-designed array of Matrix Time Attendance System in Dubai, UAE.

Matrix Time Attendance Systems in Dubai

Matrix is a leader in security and telecom solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. Matrix, an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, is committed to keep pace with the revolutions in security and telecom industries. Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions are feature-rich, reliable and conform to the international standards.

It is very challenging to capture time and attendance rules of an organization and automate them because of the diversity in attendance, timings and leave policies from one location to another, from one department to another and from a person to person. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution meets these diverse requirements by offering a superlative range of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration and report generation. Matrix biometric time-attendance system can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party payroll system.

Matrix COSEC hardware devices are installed at entry and exit points to capture user entries and exits. These award-winning devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance. They support multiple credentials such as Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RFID Card, multiple connectivity options and SMS/Email notifications fulfill time-attendance requirement of all types of organization.

Many industries in UAE are looking for Mobile portable attendance machine, Matrix have a biometric finger print machine which carry portably to the sites and mark the time attendance of the people, this biometric attendance device comes with battery back up. We have devices which support POE connectivity as well.

The Datazone Systems is recognized as a technology leader in the security system industry and qualified integrators of eSSL Time Attendance Systems in UAE.

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Matrix Access Controls Dubai, UAE

Matrix Access control systems are made with high quality and versatile options. Whether your requirement could be for finger based access control systems, Biometric based access control, Palm vein based access control, RFID based smart card access control, Mifare or HID card based access control solution, Matrix has the full capability of providing turkey solutions. More over from software perspective, whatever the requirement might be, Matrix software which is compactly integrated with its hardware meets high end solution requirements from door access control systems.

Matrix Access Controls

Large organizations always look for foolproof access control solution to protect their valuable human and physical assets. Matrix network based Access Control solution is designed to facilitate such demanding requirements. Organizations can monitor and control all door controllers and user movements located across the globe from a central place, in real-time. SMS and Email notifications on any access policy violation and advanced access control feature helps in taking proactive action before any incident occurs.

Matrix also provide specialized access control solution for some specific requirements. For example access control solution for data centre racks, access control solution for vehicle access management system, centralized access control solution for multi location access control requirement.

Matrix Time Attendance Software Dubai, UAE

Matrix is a well known manufacturer of Innovative high quality feature rich time attendance solutions. Matrix differentiate itself as a total end to end solution provider, from hardware to software. When the hardware meets all the required manufacturing quality and multi credential options, software is so feature rich with varieties of reports. Being a manufacturer of both hardware and software at same unit, Matrix hardware and software is compactly integrated producing high efficiency and performance.

Highly complex hierarchy structure and requirements of modern business world make the management of human capital more complicated. rules on shifts, Leaves, over times, holidays varies from organization to organization. Such diversified requirements rises the question of need of an automated system which has the flexibility of making different configurations, possibility of creating multiple policies, adaptability of integrating with other systems and solutions.

Matrix Centra enterprises software is developed and positioned as an enterprises resource planning software for such special and customized requirements. An example of most frequent requirement rises in the market is the requirement for centralized reporting of workforce allocation. Another example could be, now days many organizations do not want a simple attendance solution, rather they need to fully automate from in and out recording of an employee to complete processing of the data including salary calculations, leave and holidays calculations, notifications to employees on certain things, notifications to employers and managers on certain policies etc. With matrix Centra software which has been developed after assessing a number of case studies from the market is able to cater and satisfy many clients in the middle east market.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Organization Hierarchy: Every firm differs from each other in terms of structure and departments, sections, designations, grades, attendance and related policies. Matrix centra software enable customers to create its own policies matching their requirements.
  • Entry and Exit Modes: Entry and exit mode can be selected from the hardware device terminals depends on the situation which eliminated the need of separate exit readers.
  • Late-in and Early-out Policy: With cosec, users are able to monitor late in and out exit of employees according to the shifts. HR people can allocate these policies to each employee or a group of employees .
  • Overtime Policy and Authorization: Matrix centra cosec time attendance and access control software allows calculating overtimes on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and providing the options for rounding off.
  • Compensation Policy for Extra works: Some organization offer leave compensation for extra work done, this can be calculated, obtained and notified to specific individuals. Some times it can be leave encashment policy.
  • Absenteeism Policy: HR can make multiple option for the policies for absents, like blocking of user after a certain numbers of leaves, notification to employers and employees.
  • Shifts and Schedules: Manual methods of calculating workforce allocation takes a lot of man hour and not and efficient and effective method. A chance is always there to happen human error. Matrix Time attendance software enable to implement and automate complex shifts, shift schedules including break time, grace time, off days, repeat days to manage any organization any kind of staff allocation and departments.
  • Automated Correction of Shifts: When working with multiple shifts , there is a chance to employee come in different shift instead of his regular shifts. matrix allows the automatic correction and calculation such working time taking his punch details.
  • Holiday and Restricted Holiday Policy: organization working in multiple countries need leave and holiday policy according to local holidays . Matrix offers 30 holiday group with each group with 32 holidays.
  • Custom Alerts: Cosec software can send custom alerts like customized SMS, E mails ,latest news , change in rules ,to specific users easily.

Datazone Systems is the leading distributors of Matrix products in Dubai, UAE. Our product range includes complete security products and solutions, fingerprint attendance devices, access controls, access door locks, and networking products.

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