Datazone Systems can design the most suitable security system for your business or home, based on your preferences. Our experts are fully trained and qualified to install the security camera systems flawlessly. We provide all types of security cameras, video surveillance equipment, as well as all the video surveillance accessories including DVRs, NVRs, Analog Cameras, HD Cameras, IP Cameras, cables and connectors in UAE

When you choose Datazone Systems as your Surveillance System partner, We can also take care of the maintenance troubles for you, no matter whether your CCTV system has just been installed by our professionals or you are looking to enhance your exiting Home Surveillance Systems, Smart Security Cameras, Wireless Security Cameras, Office Surveillance Systems, Commercial Surveillance Systems, Vehicle CCTV System, CCTV Consultant Service, CCTV Maintenance Contract, CCTV Servicing, and Thermal Imaging Camera System.

Datazone Systems has been providing professional Home Surveillance Systems for businesses in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain since 2005. we are ideally qualified and experienced to undertake a comprehensive surveillance system assessment on your behalf, to keep your workplace fully documented, compliant and safe.

Home Surveillance Systems in Dubai

CCTV / Surveillance cameras provide security for your home or workplace. Residential security cameras can prevent crime by deterring offenders, as well as providing vital evidence if there is a theft or other incident on your premises. Our residential CCTV systems can be tailored to suit your property and your own security needs. Whether you want a single fixed camera to monitor the door to your home or an extensive security system that can check on any internal and external point, our security engineers can help you improve your home security with CCTV.

When you install a home CCTV system your security becomes much easier to manage. You can monitor the vulnerable areas of your home from your smart phone; and you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is being watched over – even when you cannot be there.

Keep your loved ones and precious possessions safe and secure with a range of comprehensive electronic security solutions, exclusively designed for homes. Datazone Systems home surveillance solutions include Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance Camera, Video Door Phones, Electronic Door Locks, Automatic Gates etc.

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Home CCTV Systems, UAE

A home CCTV system costs less than you think and could quickly pay for itself when you consider the reduction in insurance premiums and the potential cost of a break in. We can advise you on the best system for your needs: one that gives you the required protection but nothing that you don't need so you get maximum value for money.

What we offer:

  • Make your enquiry today and we will give you a free, no obligation survey and written quotation. We help you to offer flawless security solutions within your budget.
  • We have been involved in home security for many years and still continue to constantly stick and deliver on our promises of security to you. Understanding your needs and concerns, we adopt a personalized approach with tailor-made solutions that take the utmost methods to ensure your family and assets are safe at home.
  • We can install, maintain, repair and monitor CCTV systems across the UAE region. Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced and as well as creating the right system, will install it in your premises quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. We'll also make sure that you are fully appraised on how to operate the system before we leave.
  • Remotely monitored CCTV systems activate a response to detect an intruder and send an alert signal to your mobile as email or SMS or to the Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). There, an operator can evaluate the situation and respond accordingly.

Home Surveillance Systems

Choosing the Right Home Surveillance Solution

Modern CCTV cameras often come equipped with a lots of features, such as voice capture technology and HD quality image resolution. Cameras can include panning, tilt and zoom (PTZ) abilities, operated manually or based on sensors, to better capture any movement on your premises. Some systems record continuously while others can send live streams to your mobile or computer. You can even have a home CCTV system that connects to a monitoring centre if you want round the clock security on your property. The right way to monitor your home and improve security depends on many factors.


High definition camera technology is more expensive than standard static cameras, though we keep our rates competitive for analogue, IP and HD cameras to offer comprehensive security.

The size and nature of your property

Large rural properties might need an extensive camera system to cover all angles an intruder could use to gain access, while a small urban property can be covered easily with one or two static cameras.