Both homes and corporate environments need efficient audio and video solutions for a variety of practical purposes and intents. Audio video solutions comprise of an entire range of different systems which can be used in the fields of security, surveillance, access control, communication and entertainment. There can be numerous applications of audio and video solutions at the domestic level, in offices and in public places.

Our carefully chosen range of quality products make us one of the leading audio video companies in UAE. We stock and supply a range of different products in the field of audio and video including Professional Audio Systems in Dubai which cover a range of different requirements and are sure to be of use if you need audio video solutions. With our constant efforts for achieving better quality of products and service, we have carved out a niche for ourselves and are now considered one of the most trusted and reliable companies to do business with.

Datazone Systems is a pioneer in Distribution & Integration of Professional Audio Systems and Sound Systems in Dubai. We have a wide range of world-class microphones & headphones to industry standard loudspeakers and broadcast quality mixing consoles.

Professional Audio Systems in Dubai

Datazone Systems supplies live sound systems, pro audio systems and sound reinforcement systems. Our team of trained audio professionals work closely with clients to achieve high quality live sound production at every event. Datazone Systems carries the best pro audio equipment available worldwide and utilizes high fidelity audio processing technology to ensure that the best live sound experience is delivered. We are one of the leading supplier and Integrator of sound systems and also carry Denon, Harman, Bose, Austalian Monitor, Marantz and Shure products.

Speaker Systems in Dubai, UAE

Datazone Systems believes that you deserve professional quality sound reinforcement. We are proud to offer high end audio speakers that deliver the power and intelligibility needed to make that connection with your audience.

  • Quality:Professional audio and visual equipment helps performers sound their best in front of an audience. Datazone Systems utilizes speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphones, and mixing consoles to help all their clients sound fantastic.
  • Flexibility:Datazone Systems has a large selection of inventory from the worlds best manufactures of sound systems. All your audio equipment is easily adaptable as needed.

Professional Speaker System

Sound Sytems Dubai, USE

Setting up sound systems can be tricky because speakers come in different shapes, sizes and configurations. You could buy a stereo setup, with or without a receiver. You might buy a subwoofer. Or you opted for a single powerful speaker or soundbar that takes up less room, yet packs a mighty punch.

No matter what system you're trying to set up, though, we're glad you came to us for help. While we have plenty of ideas on how to set up a system for ourselves we've instead turned to the engineers and experts at different audio manufacturers to get a definitive guide on how to get the most out of the sound in your home.

We are highly experienced in delivering the widest range of vertical solutions to customers in various industries. Working closely with our direct brand partners, we have successfully delivered high quality professional audio solutions for projects of various sizes. Whatever your requirements, you will have access to best-in-class products and solutions.

Professional Sound System

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AV Systems in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to AV for restaurants, clubs, lounges, and retail stores; customers are no longer willing to accept mediocre environments for dining, socializing, shopping or living. Creatively designed setups, with clear but non-intrusive sound and audio/video systems, helps create an atmosphere that gets people to keep coming back time and again. Even in the business world, there is an increased awareness of the need to make presentations more interesting, professional and just that little bit different. A well-lit boardroom can positively impact people’s moods and help increase productivity while a well designed and installed AV system can help make conferences and presentations a little bit more memorable.

It has become increasingly clearer that whether it is a venue for education, entertainment, business or worship, the AV component is fundamental to the design and function of the place, and is dictated by the expectations of the guests. Most commercial venues have either too much or too little in terms of audio/video, Datazone Systems helps deliver that fine balance to make for an unforgettable user experience.

Over 15 years of experience and the dedication of our exceptional team has helped us to become a recognized pro audio industry leader in UAE.

Professional Audio Systems

Bose Speaker Systems in Dubai

Bose Speaker Systems

Our Bose Commercial background/foreground systems are designed for a wide range of commercial audio applications including Retail Shops, Offices, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, and Health clubs.

Bose Ceiling Speaker Supplier in Dubai

Bose Ceiling Speaker Supplier

Looking for BOSE Ceiling Speakers, we are one of the leading audio system installer and suppliers of Bose professional audio systems in Dubai and across UAE

Bose Distributor in Dubai

Bose Distributor

Datazone is one of the leading Bose Distributor in Dubai, UAE offering a complete range of Bose pro audio systems including wall mount & ceiling mount speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.

Bose Wall Mount Speaker Supplier in Dubai

Bose Wall Mount Speaker Supplier

Bose wall mount speakers are a versatile option for both music and film listening. They work with your stereo receiver, but can also serve as front or surround speakers in a component home cinema setup.