We offer CCTV Installation across UAE. Datazone Systems delivers scalable, well-proven CCTV solutions that offer outstanding video surveillance and monitoring capability, combined with exceptional flexibility that keeps costs down.

We are a vendor-independent system supplier and , we have a product portfolio that covers the needs of our clients today and also is future-proof and cost-effective over time. We have vendors such as HIKVision, Samsung, Axis, BOSCH, SONY, HiLook, CP Plus, Dahua, Honeywell, Panasonic, Grandstream, Acti, Camtron, Canon, D-Link, Felix, Foxtech, JVC, Matrix, Mezory, Milesight, Mobotix, Pelco, Vantage, Vivotek and Auxin, amongst other Surveillance Video systems. If you have been decided to go for implementing the CCTV security surveillance at your work place, it is essential to depend upon a reliable and versatile CCTV installation provider in UAE. We are a certified company from DPS Dubai for CCTV installation which ensures our expertise and deliveries.

Our CCTV installation service delivers maximum deployment flexibility and security. We offer high tech installation service for CCTV Systems in Dubai, UAE. Contact us today for your CCTV System Installation or buying CCTV Products in UAE.

CCTV Installation in Dubai

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) monitoring is essential in ensuring the security of a property. Having CCTV cameras or even signs that warn about CCTV monitoring in visible places prevents vandalism and burglary. CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of the people working on the premises. It's important to install the best possible system on your property, but it's also vital that you keep it working at optimum levels. One of the big aspects of doing this is a complete regular CCTV maintenance.

We are the leading CCTV Installation and maintenance service providers in UAE with several years of experience and the most experienced manpower. Strategic placement of surveillance cameras is the key for a safe environment No matter what, you should never take security for granted. Be it your residential property or your business, keeping it safe and secure is your fundamental responsibility.

Our CCTV installers are experts in surveillance technologies and are trained and certified from DPS Dubai. We have over 18 years of experience working with hundreds of companies in UAE, so you can trust that our CCTV installation specialists are the best in the business.

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CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

There is currently a vast array of CCTV Cameras and equipment on the market due to the many site specific and environmental conditions that need to be considered when designing a practical CCTV System. Datazone Systems have always been leading ahead in reference to provide a vast array of comprehensive security solutions for corporate offices, business centers across UAE. We also work with customers who have smaller requirements, such as for their apartment or villa. We have an array of advanced CCTV surveillance cameras that are affordable and designed for residential use.

Datazone Systems being a reputed technical partner in the surveillance system technology with multitudes of satisfied clients in Dubai, UAE, it persistently delivers the latest range of CCTV and DVR devices, when the security seems to be compromised. We are the proven specialists in the surveillance technology and offer the most innovative solutions for CCTV camera and the installation, which completely gets accommodated in affordable cost & as per client requirement.

  • Customised Solution: Datazone Systems have constantly got a unique reputation in the market, which could install the vast array of CCTV and Surveillance installations according to the specific mandates of the customer. The portfolio of security products we deal with includes IP cameras, Analog Cameras, HDCVI cameras, Network Video recorders and Digital Video recorders of well-known brands.
  • Quality of Service: As far as the supply of the CCTV is concerned, we constantly supply the highest quality standards. Datazone Systems being the master in delivering flawless CCTV installations and maintenance in UAE, the end to end solution we provide cover all the phases, ranging from planning to installation with the branded products. Our cutting edge solutions allows you to monitor the situation in a detailed and much-refined way.
  • Professional Expertise: The technical expert team , always ensure that the customer is well-equipped and well-briefed with the usage of these equipments.


Surveillance System Installation Dubai, UAE

You are looking for a company in UAE, who has right amount of experience for installation of surveillance related equipment? You want to increase the security of your physical assets? You think that there is increased amount of security risks at your office and you need to fill those security loopholes? As a full-service provider, we will do more than just produce the best solution for your situation. We will ensure that your surveillance security cameras are also positioned and installed properly to ensure your protection.

Determining Client Needs and Requirements

We will sit down with you and discuss why you need security cameras for your home or business. This will give us a solid concept to work with as we determine your particular needs.

Location Survey and Analysis

Our field specialists will look at the projected scope of your surveillance system to identify how we can best position your equipment for maximum efficacy.

Package Proposal

At this stage, we will develop a package that best suits your particular needs, with respect to your budget. If your facility needs an outdoor camera that runs non-stop throughout the day, we will propose one that fits into your budget. If the outside of your office needs motion detection technology, we will put that into the proposal as well.

Package Rollout

Once you approve of the specialised package we have developed for you, we will roll it out and implement it according to the agreed specifications.

DPS Certified Companies in UAE

DPS Certified Companies in UAE

Datazone Systems are proud to be recognized as one of the most reputed Dubai Police Certified Companies in Dubai.

SIRA Approved Companies in Dubai

SIRA Approved Companies in Dubai

We are one of the leading SIRA approved companies in Dubai providing SIRA Certified Access Control and CCTV installation throughout UAE.