Both homes and corporate environments need efficient audio and video solutions for a variety of practical purposes and intents. Audio video solutions comprise of an entire range of different systems which can be used in the fields of security, surveillance, access control, communication and entertainment. There can be numerous applications of audio and video solutions at the domestic level, in offices and in public places.

Our carefully chosen range of quality products make us one of the leading audio video companies in UAE. We stock and supply a range of different products in the field of audio and video including Projectors which cover a range of different requirements and are sure to be of use if you need audio video solutions. With our constant efforts for achieving better quality of products and service, we have carved out a niche for ourselves and are now considered one of the most trusted and reliable companies to do business with.

Business Projectors from Samsung, LG, Epson, Hitachi, Benq, Sony, Christie, NEC, Optoma, and more, we help you to find the right projector for your business and commercial use.

Projectors in Dubai

Display technology in both corporate and educational settings is rapidly evolving. For budget-sensitive applications projectors can provide a more affordable alternative while still being productive. While interactive flat panels will pay off better in the long run, projectors are still worthy additions to a space, especially when they are built with LCD technology.

LCD projectors are a popular choice for classrooms and meetings rooms, and are ideal for settings that involve groups that are medium to large in size. LCD projectors are built with technology similar to LCD displays, and this affords them several advantages over older projector iterations. Specifically, LCD projectors produce brighter and better saturated images as they can emit every colour on the spectrum at once, as opposed to switching through colours using a colour wheel. Also, LCD projectors generate sharper images compared to other projectors, which makes them particularly effective for presentations that contain a lot of text. The letters will be much easier to read without any of the "rainbow effect" associated with other projectors.

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Projector for Business Presentation, UAE

The projector market is robust, as the technology has been around for quite some time. However, only a handful of manufacturers have a deep portfolio of modern projectors. Today's projectors offer HD images, wireless connectivity, interactive capabilities and can even provide clear images in rooms with lots of light. Some of the newest projectors on the market can even split the screen into quadrants and display multiple images at once.

There are some powerhouse brands behind modern projector design and construction. So it's not tough for schools and businesses to find a projector that will suit their needs. With plenty of places your business technology budget can go, it's important to understand what today's projectors can do and when to use a projector. As a reputable A/V integrator, we can assist you with the process, matching up the optimal projector that suits your needs. Some of the projector brands that we recommend include:

Business Projectors

How to choose a projector for business?

Projectors are also no longer the one-sided presentation tool they used to be. Many of today’s projectors can connect wirelessly to the internet or allow multiple people to interact with the screen at once. Given these advanced capabilities, projectors are becoming an increasingly critical business technology investment.

On-the-go meetings

Many portable projectors can also be powered through a USB and some even have wireless capabilities so you can easily adapt to any variety of meeting room circumstances and capabilities.

Image size

In most use cases, medium to large-sized groups of people need to be able to see and read the same content images, and increasing the size of those images through a projector is the best solution.

Keeping it engaging

Interactive projector technology allows multiple people to draw on or interact with a screen at the same time, opening the door to real-time collaboration and longer engagement from participants.

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We are among the top few Projector supplier and integrator companies in UAE, and our Video Conferencing Solutions have been a source of great benefit to businesses for many years. From all-hands spaces and boardrooms to small huddle rooms, our cloud-based meeting room solutions bring industry-leading video conferencing and wireless presentation to all your meeting spaces.

When it comes to professional installation of Video Conferencing System in Dubai, Datazone Systems enables you to deploy video solutions that connect your rooms, desktop, and mobile devices to suit your business. With a wide range of solutions and highly skilled engineers, we can support your business to achieve this.