HiLook has a wide range of Analog DVR and IP DVR that will definitely fulfill the needs of a security system runs.

The new generation DVR which comes under various series, can connect HD analog/network cameras and Coaxitron cameras seamlessly and provide powerful CCTV surveillance system to any level of use. It can both work alone as a recorder and cooperate with other devices to build a comprehensive surveillance system.

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A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is responsible for obtaining views from live cameras, store and retrieve video footages when it needs. HiLook has DVR that can be connected upto 32 cameras and capable to control remotely. HiLook DVR displays live view on the monitoring device - screen - and at the same time it will record data to the HDD connected to it. It can record all the video footage or only in a pre-configured security events occurred. It depends the operator the system owns.

HiLook provides mobile applications to view and control DVR. It supports all popular mobile OS and devices. Combined with multiple advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding & decoding technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology, it can both work alone as a recorder and cooperate with other devices to build a comprehensive surveillance system.

HiLook DVR are widely used in various sectors including residential premises, finance, public security, military, communication, transportation, education, health, auditoriums, etc. Using common interface for every type and versions of DVR, HiLook keeps awesome user experience even after upgrading their technology. It reduces costs for employee training and hassles for supports.

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Businesses practicing the conventional security will find difficult to have a changeover to modern security purposes may be due to the financial aspects or other responsive factors. But the truth is that by adapting the CCTV surveillance systems will bring much advantages to the establishment. All you need to do is to pick the trusted and most valued security systems with the right provider. So installing an advanced CCTV security systems would be ideal and in reality it helps you to do the job better.

Being known as the leader in the CCTV security systems, HiLook ensures a proper security to the business of all sizes. Our huge customer base validates the efforts of our experts in building a successful surveillance system in UAE. The HiLook has the well-known portfolio of CCTV security products that bring an end to your security concerns.

Datazone Systems is the UAE based company which deals with all type of electronic security systems with excellent customer support. We provide high-resolution surveillance security systems for both domestic and commercial applications. From a single camera to multi-site camera configuration, we will design a security system that meets your surveillance security requirements.