The HiLook Analog Series offers maximum bandwidth and data storage efficiency, up to 4MP super-high-definition imaging, and EXIR 2.0 for higher infrared luminous efficiency.

HiLook TurboHD camera is a superb value entry-level system with decent image quality. Datazone Systems offers HiLook HD Analog CCTV systems with an incredible cost to performance ratio, the HiLook series boasts the most advanced features for the price.

HiLook Analog Camera Installers in Dubai

Security camera systems around the world typically come in one of two options: very expensive with amazing quality or low budget with poor quality. There are plenty of clients who want top-tier cameras with limited budget. This is where HiLook comes in., HiLook is a low budget, high-quality security camera system that is developed by a major brand in the industry. Hikvision has done a good job of making sure their technology gets correctly translated into the HiLook devices while maintaining a price point that anyone can afford.

HiLook is an offshoot brand owned by Hikvision that aims to bring that same amazing Hikvision technology into a more affordable platform. You are sacrificing very little to get a camera from HiLook and there are just as many options as there are with the main brand. Datazone Systems’s markets their HiLook brand as a "superior performance-to-price surveillance" option. Datazone Systems's HD-TVI CCTV Camera Packages stream and record superior quality surveillance video without any video delay in live viewing.

Datazone Systems offers you with easy install, setup and configuration services for all HiLook models. Our team of CCTV technicians consists of qualified CCTV installers and offers you HiLook surveillance system and security camera installation, setup and configure services in UAE. The installation Service will cover labor to mount the cameras, run all cables from cameras to DVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections and make sure that cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly.

HiLook CCTV Companies in Dubai

If you want to upgrade your conventional (maybe already blurred) analog CCTV system to the higher resolution HD-TVI CCTV at unbelievably low cost?. Get your HiLook cameras today from Datazone Systems. We are not merely a hardware seller, we are your partner and service provider on security solutions.

Datazone Systems is a CCTV service provider, managed service provider, experienced value-added reseller and trusted advisor to thousands of organizations in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain and its surrounding areas including Commercial Enterprises, Government Agencies, and Educational Institutions. As a CCTV service provider, Datazone Systems provides its customers with complete technology solutions, including hardware product fulfillment, software licensing, and a broad range of other Surveillance services and Security solutions.

Datazone Systems is the UAE based company which deals with all type of electronic security systems with excellent customer support. We provide high-resolution surveillance security systems for both domestic and commercial applications. From a single camera to multi-site camera configuration, we will design a security system that meets your surveillance security requirements.

HiLook Analog Camera in UAE

HiLook THC-B120-M 2MP EXIR Bullet Camera
HiLook THC-B120-M 2MP EXIR Bullet Camera