Today, big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience, making life easier and more interesting for shoppers. Starting with people counting devices at store entrances, and moving on to various location-based technologies that employ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to monitor shopper movement, retailers can build a comprehensive picture of their customers movements.

As a store manager or a head office team member, monitoring the number of opportunities entering your store will build up a factual picture of customer traffic hourly, daily, weekly, and year-on-year. Real-time footfall analytics will allow you to make business critical, operational and strategic decisions that will drive conversion rates, optimize staff, and improve merchandising and store displays.

Shopping centre footfall data and in-store analytics then become key to generating a better customer journey, leading to increased sales and profitability.

Retail Analytics

Make the best operational, marketing and staffing decisions through insights into shopper traffic, behaviour and conversions.

Retail is a competitive, fast-moving sector, driven by constantly changing shopper behaviour. It's more important than ever that retailers see what is taking place within their stores, and react quickly – for retailers and retail property owners, customer insight is a vital tool for competitive advantage.

Key Benefits of People Counting Systems

  • Boost sales productivity and identify conversion rate profiles and patterns.
  • Improve performance by identifying weaker performing stores and implementing training programs.
  • Boost ROI by monitoring the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Gain a deeper insight by reviewing changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuating footfall levels.
  • Make instant operational changes with real time traffic data to boost conversion.
  • Instant access to accurate and reliable data for confident decision making.

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People Counting System in Dubai

People Counting System in Dubai

Footfall & People Counting Solution for retail stores, malls, theaters, and buildings with accurate 2D and 3D Stereo Vision Sensors for a better understanding of shopper traffic, behavior and conversions.