Firewalls & VPN Solutions

Firewall solutions, when integrated with a comprehensive security device, offer many benefits. Among them are:
Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
VPN enables businesses to deliver secure, encrypted connectivity for traveling employees, remote offices, and telecommuters who require access to critical corporate network resources including email, network drives, and intranet resources. Mobile VPN enables telecommuters and traveling employees to access the corporate network while maintaining privacy and security.
Branch Office VPN (BOVPN)
BOVPN enables secure connectivity between geographically separated offices. These communications often contain the types of critical data exchanged inside the corporate firewall. In this scenario, a BOVPN ensures confidential connections between these offices, streamlining communication, reducing the cost of dedicated lines, and retaining security at each end.
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After shifting our office premises, we were worried about how to get our operations running at the earliest as losing out on each day would translate to huge losses. Datazone was just a phone call away, and took care of all our computer, server, firewall and VPN needs in record time. We were amazed with the efficiency and speed that Datazone's team got everything up and running. We have found a partner in Datazone, for all our future IT needs

Mr. Lawrence V Cutinha, Senior Manager, Kotak Mahindra
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